Everyday life would be very different without the use of steel balls, as they are in almost every domestic appliance, bicycle, motorbike, car, train and aircraft. Every time you wash your hands and use a soap dispenser, it is the ball that enables you to get a measured amount of soap. 

We’re capable of supplying loose balls in nearly every variation of grade and material available.

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We maintain an extensive stock of product size variation, from 0.2mm diameter up to 150mm diameter.

We’re also able to offer bespoke ball manufacturing. This follows the same process controls and traceability but using a customer’s own material. For further details, please email us or call +44 (0) 1922 710515.

Our experienced sales and technical staff are well versed in the principal grading systems used throughout the world. However, if you wish to order using a particular grading system, drawing or specification, we will be only too happy to discuss your unique requirements.

The product can be packed in specific quantities and packaging, as desired by the customer.

We are also able to handle large one-off bulk deliveries as well as call-off and scheduled orders.

In order to simplify the purchase of balls, we have devised our own grading system based on ISO and ABMA standards.

Material details below represent a fraction of the available alloys. Please download our Available Alloys datasheet at the bottom on this page or contact us for full details.

Precision Balls in All Materials and Grades

Grade Application
G5, G10 High precision bearings, gauges
G25 Precision bearings
G100 Bearings, drawer
G200 Soap dispensers, body jewellery
G500 Automotive seat slides, bicycles
G1000 Castors, unground bearings
G2000 Agitators, decorative uses, weights, ballast

Other examples of uses can be found on our Material Datasheets.

Ball Grades

Ball grades

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Useful terms and definitions

Batch or Lot: A definite quantity of balls manufactured under conditions presumed to be uniform and which is considered an entity.

Nominal Ball Diameter: The diameter value that is used for the general identification of a ball size.

Single Ball Diameter: The distance between two parallel planes tangential to the actual ball surface.

Diameter Tolerance per Batch: The allowed difference between the smallest measured ball diameter and the largest ball diameter within the same batch or lot.

Sphericity: A measure of roundness expressed as the difference between the measured roundness of a ball and a perfectly round ball.

Surface Finish or Roughness: A measure of the texture of a surface. It is quantified by the vertical deviations of the actual surface from its ideal form. If these deviations are large, the surface is rough; if they are small, the surface is smooth.

Hardness: A measure of resistance to penetration as determined by specific methods, usually Rockwell or Vickers Hardness.