Choosing the Right Roller for the Job


We supply many types of rollers, for use in a wide variety of applications. The main types of roller are as follows:

  • Needle Rollers: Available with either round or flat ends.
  • Cylindrical Rollers: Available with flat ends (either ground or unground) and with either a straight or logarithmic (crowned) profile.
  • Cylindrical Spindles: Available with round or flat ends.


Rollers are usually manufactured in chrome steel (UNI 100Cr6) but can also be produced to special order in:

  • AISI S2 and M2 Tool Steel
  • Stainless steel AISI 302, AISI 316 and AISI 420


Chrome steel rollers are manufactured to a hardness of HRc 58 - 65 (653 - 832Hv10).

Needle Rollers

Needle rollers have a small diameter (1mm to 6mm) with a length of more than three times the diameter. Their main use is as rolling elements in bearings, where they are particularly useful when space is limited and a high radial load is required. They are also great as locating pins and mini-shafts.
The following diagram shows end shapes and profiles.

The following diagram shows end shapes/profile

Form A also known as NRA or TB

Form A also known as NRA or TB

Form B also known as NRB or TT

Form B also known as NRB or TT

Where no grade is specified when ordering, Atlas will supply NRA G5 with a diameter tolerance of +0 ~ -5µm

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Cylindrical Rollers

These are flat-ended rollers and generally have a length that is one to three times the diameter. The diameter size range available is from 2.5mm (0.0984") to 70mm (2.7559"), with lengths ranging from 4mm (0.1575") to 70mm (2.7559").

The main use for cylindrical rollers is in bearings, with other uses including automotive seat slides and rockbit drills.

Rollers normally conform to the tolerances shown below.

Whilst the standard cylindrical rollers have a straight profile, they are available with a crowned or logarithmic profile, details upon request

Cylindrical Spindles

These are long rollers that are used as pins or dowels, or as shafts in micro electric motors. The diameters available are from 2mm (0.0787") through to 8mm (0.3149"), with lengths from 10mm (0.3937") through to 100mm (3.937").

Available Materials